Arenas Level I


Instruction involving practical sessions in making, marking, painting and maintenance of natural and artificial ice.

Course dates: To Be Determined
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Prerequisite: none
Course type: Classroom
Location: To Be Determined

Upon successful completion of this unit students will be able to:


1. Demonstrate understanding of how to prepare sand and concrete surfaces for ice building;

2. Demonstrate proper technique for flooding/building ice;

3. Mix ice paint to proper consistency depending on brightness requirement;

4. Operate white washing equipment (e.g. mixing barrels and pump, butterfly nozzle or spray boom;

5. Identify function of all components of an ice refrigeration system;

6. Install lines and markings using paint, paper or cloth;

7. Demonstrate understanding of proper ice flooding techniques;

8. Identify causes of damaged ice and ice repair requirements;

9. Demonstrate understanding of all ice resurfacer (Olympia, Zamboni) functions;

10. Describe ice maintenance equipment and function of each


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