Pools Level II


This three day workshop course will include instruction in advanced pool chemistry, specialty chemicals, hot water pools, waterborne diseases, pool volume calculations and risk management.

Start Date: March 29, 2023

Registration Deadline: March 15, 2023

Course Type: Classroom

Location: Inuvik, Midnight Sun Recreation Complex 

Upon successful completion of this unit students will be able to:


1. Demonstrate understanding and application of the problem solving process;

2. Describe the factors and processes that influence water clarifying swimming pools;

3. Describe the function of mechanical systems which improve air quality for indoor swimming pools;

4. Demonstrate understanding of pool disinfection and oxidation and advantages/disadvantages of different systems in use;

5. Demonstrate understanding of the causes of diseases and infections transmitted through pool water;

6. Describe oxidation reduction potential and the function of chemical feeders;

7. Describe how biofilm forms and removal procedures;

8. Identify specialty chemicals and use of these in pool disinfection;

9. Demonstrate understanding of energy consumption in pool facilities:

10. Describe what is required to maintain a safe and secure pool facility

11. Demonstrate understanding of life cycle planning and preventative maintenance

12. Perform trouble shooting for operational issues with pool facilities



Price: $150.00